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The Plumbing Advocate reaches a network of over 400 wholesalers. Your advertising message is directed to member decision-makers that influence $2 billion in annual purchases. For advertisers the Plumbing Advocate offers: 

  • A nationwide group of independent wholesalers, a difficult segment for Suppliers to target cost effectively.
  • A resource for over 1,200 industry professionals that are eager to learn and seek information on market trends, industry news and new products.
  • Targets Owners, Sales/Marketing Managers and Purchasing Agents, these individuals have influence to recommend products and solutions to thousands of contractors and end-users.

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Check out these featured articles:

Pay Attention: Focus on Selling, Not Your Cell
Living in a digital world has altered every aspect of business, especially customer relations. Learn how to become focus-wise in this constantly-connected age

Equity Annual Meeting Empowers Attendees
Attendees strengthened existing relationships, established new ones and explored mutual opportunities to increase sales and profits

Getting Into a Gross Margin State of Mind
Open dialogue with employees, short-term profit goals and margin-based performance standards can help companies shift to a gross margin state of mind.

Why Blogs Fail and What You Can Do About It.

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Camco Manufacturing Inc., Greensboro, North Carolina

Baker Pipe & Parts LLC, Goldsboro, North Carolina

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