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Plumbing Advocate Magazine

The Plumbing Advocate reaches a network of over 400 wholesalers. Your advertising message is directed to member decision-makers that influence $2 billion in annual purchases. For advertisers the Plumbing Advocate offers: 

  • A nationwide group of independent wholesalers, a difficult segment for Suppliers to target cost effectively.
  • A resource for over 1,200 industry professionals that are eager to learn and seek information on market trends, industry news and new products.
  • Targets Owners, Sales/Marketing Managers and Purchasing Agents, these individuals have influence to recommend products and solutions to thousands of contractors and end-users.

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Check out these featured articles:

Dealing with Nostalgic Employees
Help employees see that the “old way” isn’t always the path to success and company growth.

Taking Advantage of Services Across the Distribution Network in a Changing Digital Economy
In the I-want-it-NOW digital economy, buyer behaviors are changing and distributors need to keep up to meet these needs.

Confronting the Water Infrastructure Dilemma
Over the next 25 years $1 trillion in spending will be required to replace aging water systems, and keep up with population growth, and deals have been heating up on Wall Street since President Donald Trump pledged $1 trillion in infrastructure investment, but what does all of this mean for the plumbing distribution channel?

Simplifying Employee Development

Supplier Profile: BrassCraft

Member Profile: Phillips Supply Company

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