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The Plumbing Advocate reaches a network of over 400 wholesalers. Your advertising message is directed to member decision-makers that influence $2 billion in annual purchases. For advertisers the Plumbing Advocate offers: 

  • A nationwide group of independent wholesalers, a difficult segment for Suppliers to target cost effectively.
  • A resource for over 1,200 industry professionals that are eager to learn and seek information on market trends, industry news and new products.
  • Targets Owners, Sales/Marketing Managers and Purchasing Agents, these individuals have influence to recommend products and solutions to thousands of contractors and end-users.

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Check out these featured articles:

Email Marketing Continues to Provide Excellent ROI
Email keeps you connected to the people who mean the most to your business—your customers. Great email marketing campaigns can create repeat customers, website traffic and new sales.

NKBA Study: Millennials Outspend Others on Kitchen and Bath Remodels
Millennials spend an average of 17.7 percent more than the $19,155 typically invested in a kitchen remodel and 42.3 percent more than the $11,364 normally allocated to remodel a bathroom.

Annual Meeting Receives Rave Reviews
Reviews of Equity's Annual Meeting confirm gained value. Plus, members and suppliers receive recognition

Trends Emerge as Home Remodeling Surges
As more homeowners are enticed to list their properties, expect increased remodeling and repair in preparation for sales, coupled with spending by the new owners who are looking to customize their homes to fit their needs.

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Supplier Profile: Franklin Electric, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Member Profile: J&J Wholesale Distributors, Dunn, North Carolina

MSP Profile: DDI System, Sandy Hook, Connecticut

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